Course curriculum

    1. Total Body w/ Dumbbells

    2. Total Body No Equipment

    3. Upper Body Strength Workout

    4. Lower Body Strength Workout

    5. Push Muscle Routine

    6. Pull Muscle Routine

    7. Strength w/ Tabata

    1. 5x5 w/ Total Body Pyramid

    2. 4 Minute Blocks w/ Builder Sets

    3. Manmakers

    4. Push Repeats with Plyometrics

    1. 90 Seconds Plyo w/ 3 Builder Sets

    2. 4 Rounds: Legs & Arms w/ 3 minutes plyometrics

    3. Live Cross Training Class

    1. Basic Yoga Stretching Routine (5 mins)

    2. Chair Yoga for Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

    3. Chair Yoga for Lower Back & Hips

    4. Chair Yoga for Hands, Wrist & Forearms

    5. Yoga for Stress Relief

    6. Yoga Flow

    1. HIIT Workout w/ a Chair

    2. Bosu Blast HITT

    3. HIIT w/ a KettleBell

    4. HIIT Cardio & Core

About this course

  • $125.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content


CPT, Owner Myriah Shimatsu

Myriah is the original founder of Movement 1st Wellness and formed the company to make an impact in people's lives where they spend most of their time, at work. Myriah is a Colorado native that enjoys every aspect of sports and fitness. Myriah played volleyball at the collegiate level and currently loves challenging herself running half marathons. As an athlete, coach, fitness trainer and business owner, Myriah brings a well-rounded perspective to her wellness programs and courses. Myriah has been a NSCA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2008 and holds a BS in Adult Exercise. Myriah's training philosophy is to use the body in a functional pattern, focusing on the way that the body was designed to move.